The Details: Mickey’s Halloween Party!

It seems like October is so far away, yet I’m beginning to see a lot of talk about Mickey’s Halloween Party again!  Before I really had someone explain what Mickey’s Halloween Party was to me, I never really got it…and I’m guessing there are some of you out there who feel the same way.  So, let’s go ahead and dive into this event head on…

What is Mickey’s Halloween Party?

Let’s start with the basics here.  Mickey’s Halloween Party is an event the goes from September 28th to October 31st (2012 dates) where the Disneyland Park is transformed into a spooky yet fun trick-or-treating neighborhood party!  Basically the setup is to have different trick-or-treating stations set up around the park where you can fill up your pillowcases and mickey-pumpkin buckets to your heart’s content!  Still…there are so many other things to do!  Besides the plethora of cavity inducing treats you are looking at character appearances in exclusive costumes, lots of villains, a special parade, an exclusive fireworks show and more!  Sound good?  I think so too!


So how do the event tickets work?

This is what I originally didn’t get at all.  Mickey’s Halloween Party takes place from either 6pm-11pm or 7pm-12am (depending on the night) and your ticket will gain you access to the park 3 hours before the party starts.  That is a full 8 hours of park time at an awesome price!  Now, you might think “Can’t I just stay in the park if I already have a regular park ticket?”  Well, the short answer is no.  Cast Members clear out the park before the event begins, so you can’t just sneak in for free.


What price are we looking at here?

As I just touched on, Mickey’s Halloween Party tickets can be purchased for $54 to $69 depending on the date.  This also includes parking!  Yes, I that is real.  The closer you get to Halloween, the more expensive the tickets get, so keep that in mind.  There are also discounted tickets available for Disneyland Annual Passport members as well as Disney Visa cardholders.  Even though the discount depends on the date, there are several opportunities for you to grab one at a lower price (typically $18 off).  So once again, tickets get more expensive as you get closer to Halloween AND on the Friday dates.


My family has special dietary needs, so what if we can’t have candy? 

Along with the sweet tooth picks at the trick-or-treating stations, guests will be offered a variety of healthy snacks.  There will also be special treats themed just for the event which you should keep your eye out for!


Is this an event everyone will enjoy?

Yes.  There definitely seems to be an aim here to please a younger audience, but aside from all the dance parties and trick-or-treating you are still looking at tons of rides being open and a smaller park crowd.  So, whether you want to be able to take your kids trick-or-treating Disney style or you are a couple wanting to just spend the evening at the park this is a great event for you to consider.


Can I dress up?

Absolutely.  A ton of people (adults and children) dress up for this event.  Prepare yourself and your camera battery!


Bottom line… Is it worth it?

Yes!!!  This event is DEFINITELY worth the price.  Aside from all the exclusive offerings like the fireworks show and parade, you are getting access to almost all of the park rides.  So let’s think about it this way… take the day off and head over to Downtown Disney for a nice relaxing lunch.  Then hit up a little shopping for some of the Halloween themed items at World of Disney.  After that point, your event ticket 3-hour prior entrance time should be valid for a full 8 hours at the park.  You are now looking at almost an entire day down in the park area for near half the price of a regular ticket.


If I decide not to go to this event, will I still get to enjoy any Halloween fun around this holiday time?  

Yup!  There are still a lot of things to look forward to around Halloween.  The park is decorated beautifully and you will find several holiday merchandise items…anything from plush to special confectionary treats!  Last, but not least, you will enjoy two year-round rides being transformed into entirely new attractions.  Haunted Mansion becomes Haunted Mansion Holiday inspired by Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.  Space Mountain becomes Ghost Galaxy which is a frightening new take on this park favorite!  Halloween time is one of the most popular times of the year though, so PLAN AHEAD!


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Have you been to this event before?  Will you go again?  And what are your favorite parts?!

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