WDW vs. DLR: Pirates of the Caribbean

The time has come to finally face off the two Pirates of the Caribbean rides here in the United States.  This discussion between me and other fellow disney fans always ends in a split decision because both rides are really excellent.  So, let us go ahead and get down to it.  Which Pirates ride is better?

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Top 5 Quick-Service Restaurants: Magic Kingdom

While maybe not always the most fun, the quick-service restaurant is by far the most popular dining option available at the parks.  It is fast, keeping you on your back-to-back FastPass pace, it doesn’t require a reservation, and it is much cheaper than sitting down at a table.  I have compiled a list of my top favorite quick-service restaurants in the Magic Kingdom to hopefully share some insight on what is out there for you to consider on your next trip!

1. Columbia Harbour House

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Character Breakfasts

One thing that will always make my vacation to-do list is a character meal…specifically the character breakfast!  Coming in at around $15 to $35 a plate, this special meal falls under our “Splurge!” category.  While that may seem like a lot for some Mickey waffles, the character breakfast is less about the food (though wonderful) and more about it being a full Disney experience that you can only get while on your vacation.  Also, if you think of how much you may spend on a typical non-character breakfast and consider how much time you might spend waiting in lines to see your favorite character, dishing out a little extra money to have them come see you at your table is VERY worth it on it’s own!

There are several locations throughout the Disney properties that offer character breakfasts, and depending on the preferences of yourself or your children, it is worth it to look into these locations a bit more before booking!
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The Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzel

The Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzel was the most-anticipated snack of my Spring 2012 Walt Disney World visit.  I had done fairly extensive research on the DisneyFoodBlog after finding out that I could score one as a snack credit with my Disney Dining Plan.  So… here is my experience with this incredibly delicious sounding snack.

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The Details: Mickey’s Halloween Party!

It seems like October is so far away, yet I’m beginning to see a lot of talk about Mickey’s Halloween Party again!  Before I really had someone explain what Mickey’s Halloween Party was to me, I never really got it…and I’m guessing there are some of you out there who feel the same way.  So, let’s go ahead and dive into this event head on…

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